Pferdeheilkunde – Equine Medicine

Official Organ of the German Veterinary Association, Section – Equine Medicine

Hans D. Lauk, Hartmut Gerhards, Heidrun Gehlen, Anton Fürst, Michael Röcken

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Dr. Andrea Schürg

Since 1985, Pferdeheilkunde – Equine Medicine publishes scientific articles from all fields of equine medicine in German and English language as well as abstracts of the international professional literature. The journal appears bimonthly.

Pferdeheilkunde – Equine Medicine   Issue 1/2023

Comparison of refractometer and biuret reaction as measurement methods for serum total protein concentration in Warmblood foals

Vergleich der beiden Messmethoden Refraktometer und Biuret-Reaktion für Serum-Totalprotein bei Fohlen

Straub J, Weber C., Pusterla N, Freise F, Venner M

The role of Gram-negative bacteria in equine ocular infectious diseases

Die Rolle gramnegativer Keime bei infektiösen Augenerkrankungen des Pferdes

Schieder A-K, Müller E, Heusinger A, Eule J C

Surgical therapy – a combination of desmoplasty, osteostixis, fasciotomy, bone marrow transplantation and cunean tendon tenotomy – of the chronic proximal suspensory ligament desmopathy at the front and hind leg of the horse – outcome in 322 cases

Kombinierte chirurgische Therapie (Desmoplastie, Osteostixis, Fasziotomie, Knochenmarktransplantation, Spatsehnentenotomie) der chronischen Erkrankung des proximalen Fesselträgers an der Vorder- und Hintergliedmaße des Pferdes – Ergebnisse in 322 Fällen

Mettenleitern E M

Microbiological findings in tracheobronchial mucus samples and in the feces of foals with pneumonia at diagnosis and during treatment

Mikrobiologische Befunde in Tracheobronchialproben und in den Fäzes von Fohlen mit Pneumonie zum Zeitpunkt der Diagnose und im Verlauf der Behandlung

Goebel B, Freise F, Venner M

Reliability of patient-side point-of-care assays for the measurement of equine serum amyloid A

Die Zuverlässigkeit von Point-of-Care-Assays zur Messung von equinem Serum Amyloid A

Kiemle J, Röcken M, Bauer N

To experience and motivate the husbandry and use of the horse

Zum Erleben und zu den Beweggründen der Haltung und der Nutzung des Pferdes

Meyer H


Prize for the best publication of the last volume written by a young academic


A continuing education program with monthly seminars given over a period of two years covering all areas of equine medicine and surgery.

Pre purchase examination protocol and contract form

Protocol- and contract form for the veterinary procedure and the juridical control of the equine pre- purchase examination. The contract form is edited by Pferdeheilkunde – Equine Medicine since 1987, re-edited regularly and published in both German and English language.