Pferdeheilkunde – Equine Medicine

Official Organ of the German Veterinary Association, Section – Equine Medicine

Hans D. Lauk, Hartmut Gerhards, Heidrun Gehlen, Anton Fürst, Michael Röcken

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Prof. Heidrun Gehlen, Berlin
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Since 1985, Pferdeheilkunde – Equine Medicine publishes scientific articles from all fields of equine medicine in German and English language as well as abstracts of the international professional literature. The journal appears bimonthly.

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Pferdeheilkunde – Equine Medicine   Issue 3/2024

Correlation between rectal and surface temperature measurements in horses – investigating thermography for infection disease screening protocols

Korrelation zwischen rektaler Temperaturmessung und Oberflächentemperaturmessung mittels Thermografiekamera bei Pferden – Potenzieller Nutzen für Schutzkonzepte bei Infektionskrankheiten

Lutz R, Monod A, Delalay G, Wampfler B, Fürst A, Montavon S

Perivascular wall tumour in a Friesian Horse

Gefäßwandtumor bei einem Friesen

Himmele M, Floto A, Leitzen E, Weyand-Regge S, Schwarz B C

Spookiness in the ridden horse

Gedanken zur „Schreckhaftigkeit“ des Reitpferdes

May A, Gesell-May S

Compulsory vaccination against Equine Herpes Virus-1 (EHV-1) infection – A critical appraisal of the compulsory vaccination stipulated by horse sport organisations in Germany

Impfpflicht gegen Equine Herpes Virus-1 (EHV-1) Infektionen – Eine kritische Bewertung der von Pferdesportverbänden in Deutschland vorgeschriebenen Impfung

Düe M, Thein P

The history of the purchase examination of horses – Part III: The development of the purchase inquiry in the 20th century, the introduction of the new Sales Law on 1 January 2002, and the consequences for veterinarians and the purchase of horses

Die Geschichte der Kaufuntersuchung bei Pferden – Teil III: Die Entwicklung der Kaufuntersuchung im 20. Jahrhundert, die Einführung des neuen Kaufrechts zum 01.01.2002 und die Folgen für die Tierärzte und den Pferdekauf

Gothe A, Gerhards H

Regulatory thresholds for xylazine – review and analysis based on recent pharmacokinetic data

Regulatorische Grenzwerte für Xylazin – Überprüfung und Analyse auf der Grundlage aktueller pharmakokinetischer Daten

Macomber L E, Noble G, Brewer K, Morales Briceño A, O’Connell M A, Eisenberg R, Fengerg C, Lehnerh A F, Tobin T


Prize for the best publication of the last volume written by a young academic


A continuing education program with monthly seminars given over a period of two years covering all areas of equine medicine and surgery.

Pre purchase examination protocol and contract form

Protocol- and contract form for the veterinary procedure and the juridical control of the equine pre- purchase examination. The contract form is edited by Pferdeheilkunde – Equine Medicine since 1987, re-edited regularly and published in both German and English language.