Pferdeheilkunde – Equine Medicine

Official Organ of the German Veterinary Association, Section – Equine Medicine

Hans D. Lauk, Hartmut Gerhards, Heidrun Gehlen, Anton Fürst, Michael Röcken

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Prof. Heidrun Gehlen, Berlin
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Since 1985, Pferdeheilkunde – Equine Medicine publishes scientific articles from all fields of equine medicine in German and English language as well as abstracts of the international professional literature. The journal appears bimonthly.

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Pferdeheilkunde – Equine Medicine   Issue 2/2024

Three-dimensional ultrasound imaging of the equine eye

Dreidimensionale Sonographie am Auge des Pferdes

List, S, Wollanke B, Gerhards H

Spinal ataxia due to cervical cord compression caused by a melanoma in the extradural atlanto-occipital neck region in an ataxic pony

Spinale Ataxie aufgrund einer Halsmarkskompression verursacht durch ein Melanom im extraduralen atlantookzipitalen Halsbereich bei einem ataktischen Pony

Brunner S, Fürst S E, Suárez Sánchez-Andrade J, Rasper-Hössinger M, Jackson M A

Evaluation of the appropriateness of using a continuous glucose monitoring system and a point-of-care glucometer for measuring blood glucose in horses

Eignung und Genauigkeit eines Flash-Glukose-Monitoring Systems und eines Point-of-care Glukometers bei Pferden

Grob A J, Delarocque J, Feige K, Warnken T

Metformin as an environmental substance transferring to horses – a case report and analysis

Metformin als Umweltsubstanz wird auf Pferde übertragen – Fallbericht und Analyse

Brewer K, Fenger C, Morales-Briceño A, Lehner A F, Maylin G A, Holland R, Tobin T

The history oft the pre-purchase examination in the horse – Part II: The horse trade after foundation of veterinary schools, the developement of the veterinary profession, of diagnostic and therapeutic instruments and methods, the military veterinary constitution, and the remounting of military and police horses

Die Geschichte der Kaufuntersuchung bei Pferden – Teil II: Der Pferdehandel nach Gründung tierärztlicher Ausbildungsstätten, die Entwicklung des tierärztlichen Berufsstands, diagnostischer und therapeutischer Instrumente und Methoden, das Militärveterinärwesen und die Remontierung der Militär- und Polizeipferde

Gothe A, Gerhards H

Hernia umbilicalis in the foal – Analysis of occurrence and influencing factors based on 201 cases

Hernia umbilicalis beim Fohlen – Analyse von Entstehung und Einflussfaktoren anhand von 201 Fällen

Smethurst J, Venner M

Use of a novel smartphone based single-lead electrocardiogram device in clinical practice to evaluate heart rhythm in horses – a case series

Einsatz eines neuartigen Smartphone-basierten Elektrokardiogrammgeräts mit einer Ableitung in der klinischen Praxis zur Beurteilung des Herzrhythmus bei Pferden – eine Fallserie

Spitale D, Cicogna M, Porciello F, Colonnelli M, Caivano D


Prize for the best publication of the last volume written by a young academic


A continuing education program with monthly seminars given over a period of two years covering all areas of equine medicine and surgery.

Pre purchase examination protocol and contract form

Protocol- and contract form for the veterinary procedure and the juridical control of the equine pre- purchase examination. The contract form is edited by Pferdeheilkunde – Equine Medicine since 1987, re-edited regularly and published in both German and English language.