PHK Award

PEM-Award 2023

Fünf Pferde von Heinrich Rohwedder
Heinrich Rohwedder – Five Horses


The PEM-award 2023 for the best article published by a young academic in the previous volume 38 (2022) goes to

Brice Donati

from the Clinic for horses of the Vetsuisse-Faculty Zürich

for his item




Findings and interobserver agreement in radiography and ultrasonography of the vertebral column of a large population of normally performing horses“

Brice Donati, Virginie Coudry, Jean-Marie Denoix, Stefanie Ohlerth, Marie Dittmann, Henning Richter, Michael Weishaup, José Suárez Sánchez-Andrade

published in volume 38 (2022), 500–514; DOI 10.21836/PEM20220601